Create A Secret Chat Room With Friends

Create Secret Chat Room

Create Secret Chat Room. This is a simple trick to create a secret chat room with your friends.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to chat with friends privately.

This feature is the best one because it will not at all save your messages, chats or text that you have typed using this service.

It’s easy to create a private chat room with your friends all you need is an Internet connection because this service works only online.

Follow these steps step by step to create a secret chat room:

Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Firstly, do a search for ” ” in the URL section of your browser or in google.

Secondly, you can replace the username with your name or the name you want to give to your secret chat room.

After that, it will ask you the nickname of chat by displaying a pop-up on your browser after visiting the website.

Provide any nickname just like that and click OK. Now the chat room has been created.

If you want to invite all your friends to chat then do copy the URL of your browser and send it to all of your friends.

Let’s assume one of your friends followed your link then he will be asking a nickname as well on the website.

He needs to enter the nickname just like you have done before while creating the chat room.

Here, you will see your friend online after entering the nickname and clicking on the OK button.

Chat privately using browser:

You can invite as many friends as you can and chat using this website. Once everyone leaves the website your web chat will be deleted and cannot be accessed if you do follow the same link also.

This is the best part of this website to chat with your friends privately by adding as many friends as you want.

You can even create as many chat rooms as you want. This service is completely free and safe as well.

So if you want to share the things privately with your friends then you can create a secret chat room on your computer using your browser.

This method does work with the Android mobile as well.

All you just need to do is open the browser, enter the URL and tap the enter button. You can use this service on slow connections as well.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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