Create A Fake Instagram Profile

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Create Fake Instagram Profile

Create Fake Instagram Profile. You can now create a fake Instagram profile by using your android mobile. We also covered how to create a fake Instagram post and download multiple Instagram photos of any profile.

Create a fake Instagram profile (Trick 1)

Creating a fake Instagram profile is not a big deal, you can proceed as if you are creating your own account.

However, I will show you how you can proceed in step by step process.

Since you are creating a fake profile, you have to create everything new including the email address.

Visit the temp mail website and you get to see a temporary email address for free on your screen.


The best part of this website is it provides you temporary email along with it’s inbox.


You need a inbox to get the confirmation email after signing up on any website.

Now create a new profile by visiting the Instagram website using the temporary email.

You will receive the confirmation email from Instagram right after you signup. Confirm the account using the temp mail inbox.

After you confirm your account, All you have to do is “replace your name and profile picture with any random name and photo”.

Make sure you don’t use any celebrity photo as a profile picture because it will be easy for people to know that your profile is a fake one in no time.

You have learned how to create a fake Instagram profile now. Let’s see how can you prank your friends using a fake Instagram post.

Fake Instagram post (Trick 2)

I will show you how to create a fake Instagram post and prank with your friends.

You can also add fake Instagram comments on your fake Instagram post.

It all looks like a real Instagram post.

Firstly, open the play store and do a search for ” funsta ” application.

Secondly, install the app and open the app.

Go to the profile section and add your real Instagram profile image along with your username so that it won’t look like a fake one.

Now lets create a fake post. Click on the plus button to create a new post.


Import the image from your gallery and crop it to create a post.

Select the contact as you and add a caption for your image.


Set the liked count and also set viewed count to any random number.

Click on the save post finally.


We successfully created a fake Instagram post but to make it look real we have to add fake Instagram comments on this post.

Click on the comment logo on the post to add a new comment.


Click on the select a contact option.

Download any celebrity image and import it here.


Make sure you add their username as it is so that it won’t look like a fake one.

Click on the save button.

Now lets add the fake comment here.


Select the contact and add the comment now.

You can also add likes to this comment.

You can change the time and date if you want and finally click on the save comment button.


This is how you can create a fake Instagram post and also write fake Instagram comments on it to make it look real.

Now you can take a screenshot of your post and prank your friends by sharing it.

Note: The main purpose of these apps is to prank with your friends so don’t misuse them for some other sources.

Download multiple Instagram photos (Trick 3)

Let’s see how to download multiple Instagram photos, videos.

Now you can download multiple Instagram photos or videos of any profile.

Firstly, open your browser and do a search for “zerostagram” on google.


You can type the Instagram username or directly paste the profile URL.

After that, click on the go button and it will display the Instagram profile.

From here you can select any photo and download it to your device.

You can also follow this method on your mobile as well to download stuff from Instagram.

Overall, this is the best Instagram photo downloader app or website using which you can download multiple Instagram photos.

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