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Create A Blog

Create a Blog. These are the steps that you need to follow to create or update a blog on your computer.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to edit the blog and update the blog for free.

Follow these steps step by step to create a blog:

Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Do a search for ” create a blog ” on the Google search engine and do follow the very first link from the search results you got.

Here, you need a Gmail account to log in if you already have one then you can proceed but if you don’t have one then you have to visit to create a Gmail account for free.

Now login to the blogger using your Gmail account entering email id and password.

Once logged in click on the continue to blogger button that you see on the computer screen.

A popup displays and click on the got it button two times, after that click on create blog button and now provide the title, check the domain name availability, select the theme and click on the create blog button again.

Click on the new post button to update or edit the post and once you are satisfied with all the editing done to the post then click on the publish button.

Once published, you can visit the web page that you have updated and refresh the page to see the changes that you have applied for your blog post.

Create / Update Blog:

Blogging is the best option to easily get approved for Adsense.

The AdSense earnings will be higher when compared to the AdSense earnings which you get from a youtube channel.

When it comes to the website the Adsense approval will be very difficult until and unless you got some organic traffic to your website.

So try blogger instead of a website or purchasing a domain on your own because it really takes time a minimum of 6 months to write some quality content and some good amount of posts which have 500-600 words.

You can add as many posts as you want because it is completely free.

Coming to the user interface, updating or editing the post is quite easy as well.

You don’t need to learn to code to update or edit the blog.

Once done with all the editing you have made.

You can click on the publish button to see the blog post live online.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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