Create Best Facebook Cover Photo

Create Best Facebook Cover Photo

Create Best Facebook Cover Photo. This is a simple trick to create the best Facebook cover photo.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to create an awesome Facebook cover photo along with the profile picture for free online.

Follow these steps step by step to create the best Facebook cover photo:

Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Do a search for ” tricked out timeline ” on Google search engine find do follow the first link from the search results within the Browser.

The website will be providing you 4 awesome photo effects.

You can choose anyone from the photo effects that are available on the website.

The photo effects are ” merge photo & cover photo “, ” missing Jigsaw piece “, ” tear of the bottom edge “, ” profile picture zoom “.

After selecting the effect, it will be providing you two options that are upload button or else you can edit your current facebook cover photo by logging into your Facebook account.

If you choose to upload from your computer then click on the upload button it will be opening up the file explorer for you.

Select the file and click on open to upload the file to the website.

If you choose to use the current Facebook cover photo then login to your Facebook it will be asking you permission to access your profile picture along with your cover photo.

Just Grant the permissions so that it can import the cover photo to the website.

You can make the changes that you wish just like cropping and adjusting the image.

Finally, when you are successfully satisfied with the changes you made click on the done button.

Here, you need to like the website Facebook’s fan page to get the download button of your cover photo.

You can download the cover photo along with a profile photo to your computer and apply it to your Facebook account.

Change Facebook cover photo:

This is the best website when it comes to creating an awesome Facebook cover photo along with profile photos over online for completely free.

Don’t go with the websites that you are not familiar with.

Don’t log into the website using your Facebook ID.

If you do so then your information will be taken and your account will be locked without knowing you.

So always log in using the Facebook ID only on trusted websites that someone refers to you.

If you want to check whether a website is trustable or not then you can use the website to find the complete details of any domain online for free.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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