Create Animation Using Android

Create Animation Using Android

Everyone wants to learn animation but it is a very time taking the process and you to learn from a genuine source by spending some money.

However, if I say you can create short animated videos using your android mobile that too for completely free !.

Here is how you can apply animated live wallpapers to your android and make you’re mobile look more attractive.

Similarly, you can install animated icons on your android for completely free !.

Don’t trust me ?? Check this post, you can now learn to make animated videos using your android mobile only for absolutely free and that too within minutes.

Procedure To Create Animation Using Android :

Today I will be showing you how to create animated videos using your android mobile for completely free.

Open the play store and do a search for the mjoc2 app and install this application.

There are several environments available in this app such as classroom, office, home, temple, farm, city, etc.

You can choose your location according to your video concept.

After that, select the characters. You can select one or two characters at a time.

Click on the shooting button which will take you to the main scene where you can add the voice and animation to the character.

Steps To Record Animation :

Now, click on the recording button to record your video.

Right now I can’t show you how to record an animation because I am screen recording now on my mobile.

So, I will quickly guide you through the settings provided on the screen. You can play with them as you wish.

You can change the character in the scene using the character button.

We can also add expressions to the character like a smile, angry and sad using the emoji icon.

These characters come with some default animations which you can apply using the animation button.

However, this recorded animation will be saved to the gallery of this app which you can access any time.

The amazing feature of this app is you can record and apply your voice to this character but you need to connect your microphone while using this app.

You can move the character by using the arrows.

In addition, you can apply Zoom in and zoom out using the zoom button.

Similarly, you can enable zoom in and zoom out feature in android using a free app.

Well, I have guided you through the quick settings of this app.

Do install this app and create an animated story to explore some more cool features about this app.

These are the top 5 video editing software for windows by using which you can edit the animated videos that you can create using your android mobile.

So, this is how you can create animated videos for completely free using your android mobile.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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