Convert Android to Windows

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Convert Android to Windows. We will guide you on how to Convert android to windows. We also covered how you can experience Windows XP on your android for free in this post.

Run Windows 93 on Android (Trick 1)

Open browser on your android mobile, you can also try this trick on your computer.

Search for ” ” website on google search engine and do follow the very first link from the search results shown in the browser.

The booting process will be started on your mobile screen after you visit the website.

It will be showing your Windows logo on your mobile screen.


After that, you will see the desktop with the start button within the browser.

The start menu consists of programs, documents, settings, find, help, run, and shutdown, etc.

You will experience the same windows 93 system interface on your mobile browser.


You can open any program which will be opened as a popup window within the browser on your mobile screen.

This Windows 93 consists of games as well.

Some games do support and played within the browser.

Convert Android to Windows (Trick 2)

Similarly, if you want to convert your Android to Windows Phone then you can install this app.

Just open the play store on your android mobile.

Firstly, do a search for the ” windows launcher ” app and install the app on your android mobile.

Secondly, make sure you apply this launcher as your mobile default launcher for the mobile.


You can see all the tiles moving on your android screen.

The best part of android is you can customize your mobile as you like by installing some apps from the play store.

How to convert android to iphone (Trick 3)

You can turn your Android mobile into an iPhone by installing an app from the play store.

Firstly, do open the play store and search for the ” IOS launcher ” app and install the app on your mobile.

Secondly, apply the launcher as your default launcher for mobile.


You can install other apps to make your Android look like an iPhone but make sure you never install any third-party keyboard apps from the play store.

Your information will be compromised if you install third-party keyboard apps on the mobile.

Also, check the permissions that apps are seeking from your mobile before granting them.

Windows XP pc free download (Trick 4)

Today i will be showing you how to get Windows XP PC free download.

I don’t recommend you go for Windows XP pc free download because Microsoft has stopped its support for the Windows XP operating system.

If you get Windows XP pc free download file online then most probably it will be the virus file.

You may end up downloading the virus file instead of Windows XP.

Follow this process if you want to experience Windows XP on your computer for free.

Just open the browser and do a search for

Visit the website now.

After visiting the website minimize everything and press the F11 button on the keyboard.


That’s it you are now using Windows XP on your laptop.

You can press the F11 button again to exit from the full screen mode.

You can try this method to run Windows XP on android for free.


We covered how to Run Windows 93 on Android, Convert Android to Windows, How to convert android to iPhone, Windows XP pc free download in this post.

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