Auto Shutdown Windows 10


Auto shutdown Windows 10. We covered how you can automatically shutdown your PC or laptop that is running the Windows operating system in this post. Yes, you can now automatically shutdown PC | Laptop | Computer by setting a specific date and time. Auto shutdown Windows 10 Are You Copying large files? or scanning the … Read more

How To Create Temporary Email Address


How to create a temporary email address. We covered how to create a temporary email address with just a few clicks on this post. Frustrated with the spam mails in your mailbox ??. Missing the personal emails in between these spam mails ??? Don’t worry, you don’t have to provide your personal email id always … Read more

How To Run Diagnostics On Windows 10


How to run diagnostics on Windows 10. We covered how to check for hardware problems on Windows 10 with just a few clicks and perform Windows 10 health check in this post. Are you a computer or laptop user? then this post will help you to know more about your computer and its performance. Your … Read more

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