Compress WhatsApp Images In Android

Who doesn’t use WhatsApp these days ???. This is the best messaging platform and trending messaging app nowadays. However, there are some minor problems like compromising on image quality if we send it using WhatsApp. So, this post will definitely help you to compress WhatsApp images without losing the image quality using your android.

Today I will be showing you how to compress WhatsApp images without losing its quality before sending it to your friend using WhatsApp.

However, WhatsApp will decrease the image quality if you directly send an image without compressing its size.

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Process To Compress WhatsApp Images In Android :

Firstly, open the play store and do a search for lit photo compress and resize the app.

Secondly, install this app and open the application.

After that, this app provides three options like compress photos, resize photos and crop photos for free.

Let’s see how this app compresses the image without losing its quality now.

Go to the gallery and import the image which you want to compress.

Here you can change the quality of the image.

I recommend you to enable this maintain resolution option before you compress any image using this app.

You can also change the size of the image and click on the start compressing button.

This is the result after compressing the photo and these are the details of the image.

You can now share this compressed photo with your friend using WhatsApp directly from this app.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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