Clean Up Computer Waste Files

Clean Up Computer Waste Files

If you are using your computer without formatting it for a very long time then your computer will decrease its performance gradually.

This decrease in performance happens very slowly over a period of time.

Usually, this happens while copying, pasting, installing new files or software in our windows operating system.

However, we covered this topic: Here is how you can reset your Windows computer and increase the performance as a new computer for free !.

The uninstalled software leaves all its files on our computer which takes a lot of storage space from our windows operating system.

Therefore, gradually there will be a decrease in storage space as well as device performance.

Also, software that we use daily will save some files in the temporary folder of our windows operating system.

To remove these junk or waste files from the computer you have to implement this process.

Similarly, Here is how you can clean up waste files on android for free !.

Procedure To Clean Up Computer Waste Files :

Today I will be showing you how to delete temporary files and folders from your computer to free up some storage space.

Hold the Windows key and tap on the R button to get the run command.

After that, type percentage t e m p percentage and click on ok.

Here you will get to see all the temporary waste or junk files.

Select all and delete as an administrator to clean up these temp files.

This thing can also be done automatically every month.

Thanks to the windows 10 operating system new update.

Just go to the settings panel and do a search for storage.

Now turn on the storage sense and this will free up space from your temp folder as well as recycle bin every month.

Here is how you can free up space automatically every month in windows 10 computers.

Above all, This is how you can delete unwanted files automatically from your computer.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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