Top 5 Tricks Website Owners Should Know

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Check duplicate content of website. We covered the bulk redirect checker, website mobile friendly test, check website rank in Google, check website status fake in this post.

If you are a website owner and you are maintaining a website live online then you have to definitely be aware of these tips and tricks.

These website tricks will save you a lot of time and make your work effortless for free.

If you want your website to stand out and rank well on Google then you have to perform some tests on your website.

Don’t worry, they are completely free and won’t take much time.

Check whether your website is eligible to rank on Google or not by performing some tests mentioned below.

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Check duplicate content of website

Let’s see how to check duplicate content of website for free online.

Yes, you can now scan a website and find its duplicate content for free.

Just open Google and do a search for ” “.

Visit the website now.


Paste your URL and click on the go button.


As you can see this tool has scanned the complete website and found 13 percent duplicate content.

You will also get some other details like average page loading time, external links, etc.


You can find your competitor’s website details very easily using this tool.

Overall, this is how to detect duplicate websites and duplicate content online for free with just a few clicks.

Scan website for redirects

Let’s see how you can scan website for redirects within seconds for free.

If you are a website owner then you must check the redirects regularly.

This process is mandatory if you are using a free theme on your website.

You will know if there is any redirect link in your website theme using this process.

Just open the chrome browser and visit the web store.

You can search for chrome web store on Google if you didn’t find the shortcut.


Search for the ” redirect path ” in the search bar.


Install the extension on your chrome browser.


After installing, visit any website and click on the extension.


It will show you all the redirect links available on that website within seconds for free.

This extension works as a bulk redirect checker to let you know the bulk redirect links available on our website.

Website mobile friendly test

Let’s see how to perform a website mobile friendly test online for free.

Yes, you can check your website in portrait and landscape mode on different devices using this trick.

Just open Google and do a search for the ” responsive web design tester ” extension.


Install the extension on your chrome browser.

All you have to do is visit any website and click on the extension.


Select any device either in portrait mode or landscape mode.

It will show you how your website looks on that device in a popup window.

You can also try Google’s mobile friendly test tool for best results.

Check website rank in Google

Let’s see how to check website rank in Google with just a few clicks.

You have to search for the ” SERP checker ” on Google and visit the website.


You can find the page rank on Google using the SERP checker.


Select the region first.

Submit the keyword which you have used to rank the page in the SERP checker tool and click on the search button.

It will display the ranking of your page on Google for the keyword you have targeted.

This is how to check your page ranking in Google for free with just a few clicks.

Check website status online

Let’s see how to check website status online for free with just a few clicks.

You can check your website uptime as well as downtime using this trick for free.

You can switch to a better hosting or upgrade your hosting if you face more downtime.

Just open Google and do a search for ” “.

Visit the website now.


Click on the start monitoring in 30 seconds button.

Register on this website.


Click on the add new monitor button.


Change monitor type to HTTPS.

Add a friendly name and drop your website URL.

Click on the create monitor button.

This tool will monitor your website every 5 minutes.

You can also choose your email to get alerts of your website downtime.

You get to see both uptime and downtime reports generated every 5 minutes of your website for free.

This is how to check website status fake or not.

I mean you cannot perform a transaction or trust a website that has more downtime right?.

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