Change Keyboard In Android

Change Keyboard In Android

Changing to LED style of the keyboard will definitely increase the look and feel of your android mobile.

Here is how you can apply your photo on the android keyboard for free !.

This looks amazing, trust me and try it once for sure.

Procedure To Change Keyboard In Android :

Today I will be showing you how to apply colorful keyboard in your android mobile.

Open the play store and do a search for led keyboard app in the search bar.

To install this app and open the application.

It is completely free and does not need any permission to use this app on your android mobile.

Process To Enable LED Keyboard In Android :

Now click on the enable button and enable the led keyboard in your settings panel.

After that, click on the select button and choose the led keyboard option.

Here we get a lot of free keyboard collections on the home page of the app.

However, this app even provides the option of creating your own keyboard.

Tap on the plus button and you can create your own keyboard now by selecting the style and color options.

You can also name the keyboard you have created.

Similarly, here is the best launcher for your android which will make your android look more attractive along with this LED keyboard.

After that, slide left to select the language of the keyboard. This app has all the regional languages like Hindi and Telugu etc.

In addition, the settings page has the option of changing the sound for a keypress.

Similarly, you can select the font of the keyboard as well.

This app even provides the option of auto-correction and gesture typing.

You can also change the keyboard layout by adjusting the height.

Enough with the settings now let’s apply a keyboard by getting back to the home page and see how it looks.

See this is how the led keyboard looks, it looks very attractive and colorful when compared to the default keyboard we get in our android mobile.

Here is how you can increase typing speed on your android keyboard for free !.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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