Best Video Editor Free Software

Best video editor free software. This is the Best video editor free software for Windows users. We also covered free video editing app without a watermark for your android mobile in this post.

Yes, you can export high-quality videos using this video editing software without any watermark.

We used Windows movie maker for free before but it is not available anymore.

So, we will guide you with the best alternative for Windows Movie Maker with additional video editing options.

This information will be helpful especially if you are a content creator who creates regular videos and edits them on the computer using the video editing software.

Video editing software for Windows users

Open the browser on your computer.

Do a search for the “ vsdc video editing software ” on Google and visit the website from the search results shown.


Download the software to your computer. Download the correct version to your computer.

Go to the this PC or my computer, right click and select properties.


You get to see whether your system supports 32 bit or 64 bit software.

This website also provides you the popular software like free video converter, audio converter, etc.


Install the software on your computer. Once you open the software you will see a pop up saying upgrade the software by becoming a premium member.


Don’t worry, you can use it for free. If you purchase the premium then you will get more features. Simply close the popup if not interested.

As you can see all the above features are available for pro users.

Trust me, free video editor is best and works great.

Besides upgrading the software by paying the money is not mandatory.

It is also a one-time license so you don’t have to purchase or pay the developer every month for using the software on your computer if in case you are interested to upgrade the software.

Click on the blank project and set your video configuration.


As you can see this video editing software supports 4k rendering for free. So, you can edit and export 4k videos as well using this free video editing software.

The best alternatives to this software are filmora, blender, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere, etc.

The only con about the above softwares are you cannot use them for free.

If you are a beginner then I highly recommend you to go for vsdc, filmora, and then switch to other video editing software.

Free video editing apps without watermark

You can also try the video editing apps on your android mobile.

Most of the creators using video editing apps these days instead of software on the computer.

It is easy to edit videos on Android mobile these days.

If you have a big mobile screen and a good amount of RAM i.e at least 3GB then it can handle the video rendering perfectly on mobile as well.

I recommend Vita, power director video editing apps for free. If you can purchase the subscription to the video editing app then you can check out the kinemaster application as well.

All the above-mentioned apps are available on the play store as free video editing apps without a watermark.

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