Best Thumbnail Maker App For Android

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Best thumbnail maker app for Android. We covered the best thumbnail maker app for Android and how to create a thumbnail image for free in this post.

You can create an awesome video thumbnail without any software for free if you follow the below process.

This information will be helpful for video creators who create and upload regular videos online.

You don’t need Photoshop software to create attractive thumbnails now.

Best thumbnail maker app for Android

Firstly, open the Play Store on your android mobile.

Do a search for the ” pixel lab – text on pictures ” app and install the application on your mobile.

Open the app after installing and grant all the permissions otherwise the application will not work properly.

You are creating a youtube thumbnail right?. So, tap on the three dots and select the image size option.


Change the preset to YouTube thumbnail in the popup displayed.


As you can see you can also create Facebook cover art using this application.

You can use the default templates provided in the application as a background or you can import your desired image from the gallery to edit.

Add font to the thumbnail and customize it as you like.


Finally, click on the save as image option. This will save the created thumbnail to your mobile gallery.

Now you can apply this thumbnail as your video thumbnail while uploading it to YouTube or any other video-sharing website.

We also have the best free alternative thumbnail maker app for android.

Open the play store on your android mobile.

Do a search for ” Logo Maker Plus ” app and install the application on your mobile.


You get to see the option of choosing the image size right after opening the application.

As you can see you can create or edit a Facebook cover, an Instagram story using this application.


This application provides many templates for free.

You can use them or create a thumbnail from scratch.

After editing the thumbnail, you can save it as JPG or PNG to your mobile gallery for free.


This is how to create a thumbnail image using android for free.

Edit thumbnail without any software

Lets see how to create a thumbnail image using laptop or desktop for free without any software.

If you don’t have an android mobile then you can follow this process for editing or creating the thumbnail.

This is the best free alternative to Photoshop software.

Just open the browser and do a search for the ” Luna pic ” on google search and visit the website.


Upload the photo that you want to edit on this website.

You can also start from scratch without uploading any photo.

Finally, download the thumbnail that you just created to your computer.

This is how to create a thumbnail image without software using computer for free.

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