Best Offline Dictionary For Mobile Users

Best Mobile Offline Dictionary

Best Mobile Offline Dictionary. This is the best dictionary that you can use it in an online or offline mode. You can also use any language that you are familiar with this dictionary.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to learn new languages within your Android mobile daily by using an offline app.

Follow these steps step by step for the best mobile offline dictionary:

Open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Do a search for ” u dictionary ” app and install the app.

Open the app and grant the permissions whatever it may be asking you otherwise the app will not work properly.

You will get to learn a new word and it’s meaning within your android mobile by using this offline app.

Select the language that you are familiar with once you install the app.

You can download any language dictionary in an offline mode with very little in sizes that are not exceeding more than 20 MB in size.

So, it even saves the storage space on your Android mobile.

The best functionality of this app is it will be always displayed as a widget in your notification bar so that you can search for any meaning without opening the app all you need to do is swipe down your notification bar and search for it.

If you are reading an article and you found a new word to learn then just tap and hold on that particular word and click on the copy button then the widget of the offline dictionary will be showing you the meaning of that word on your mobile screen.

You can even listen and learn the new words within the app it also got an audio player within the app that will play you any word regarding how to pronounce it.

Best offline dictionary:

If you are the person who is curious to learn something new daily then you need to definitely check this app once and install it on your Android mobile because it is completely free and available on the Android play store.

It can work in offline mode and it is very small in size.

So, you don’t need to worry about the internet connection or data and storage space on your Android mobile.

The user interface is also quite simple.

You don’t need to be a pro user to use this android app on your mobile.

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