Best Bluetooth Wireless Headset | Neckband Headphones

Are you looking for the best Bluetooth wireless headset ???.

Want to experience the best sound quality along with good bass within the budget ??.

Interested to purchase lightweight neckband wireless headphones ?.

If yes, then this post will guide you to the best Bluetooth wireless headset that you are looking for.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Headset Review :

Today we will unbox this mivi collar Bluetooth earphones.

Firstly, the box looks pretty good.

Lets the music play written here.

Secondly, these are the specifications of these earphones.

It gives you 10 hrs of playtime, solid bass and also magnetic lock feature.

The Bluetooth version is 4.1.

In addition, it has a noise cancellation feature.

These are the social handles of mivi brand along with the website.

This brand also provides online support details of WhatsApp and email id as well.

Lets quickly unbox this and check the product now.

Let’s keep this aside and see what else we get in the box.

Charging Time Of Best Bluetooth Wireless Headset :

This is the charging cable as well as charging time is anywhere between 3 to 4 hours.

We also get earbuds extra with these earphones.

This is the user manual.

It also provides you a year warranty as well.

These are the instructions and also features of this product.

You can pause the video and read them if interested.

The built quality of this product is superb.

Here comes the charging port.

This is the power on and off button.

These are the volume up and down buttons.

Here is the voice cancellation mic.

These are also magnetic and you can attach them like this.

Let’s see how to connect these Bluetooth earphones with mobile or tablet.

However, the pairing process is very simple.

Hold the power on button to turn it on.

The blue and red light blinking here indicates it is ready to pair up.

Now turn on the Bluetooth on your device.

Tick mark the option of visible to nearby Bluetooth devices. If not you cannot find the nearby Bluetooth devices.

Tap on the mivi collar and that’s it.

Now the Bluetooth earphones are connected with the device.

You can also charge these earphones using the power bank.

The red light indicates it is charging.

You will see the blue light when it is fully charged.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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