Best Battery Saving Apps For Android

Best Battery Saving Apps

Best Battery Saving Apps. These are some of the best battery-saving apps by using which you can save your mobile battery a lot.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to save or improve the performance of your battery and provide you few more hours of battery backup daily on your Android mobile so that it can last throughout the full day.

Follow these steps step by step to know the best battery-saving apps:

Open the Play Store it is available on your Android mobile.

Do a search for the ” force doze ” app and install the app from the play store on your mobile.

Open the app after installing and grant the permissions whatever it may be asking you otherwise the app will not work properly.

It will be showing you that the app will work only on rooted mobiles error but not to worry after making some changes mentioned by the app correctly on your mobile you can use the app in a non-rooted mode as well.

Enable the service on the main screen of the app that you see on your mobile screen.

This service will remove all the background applications that are running on your mobile while you are not using it.

So, the battery will not be drained when you kept your mobile aside.

We have got the best alternative for this app as well.

Do a search for ” greenify ” or ” shut app ” in the Play Store.

You can wipe out all the background running apps with a single tap using this app on your mobile.

All you need to do is configure some settings after installing these apps on your mobile.

The best way to save the mobile battery last longer:

These apps are completely free and they work pretty well when compare to all the apps data available on the Android Play Store.

This is how you can save a lot of battery when your mobile is in a standby mode that is kept aside and doing nothing.

You will definitely get a full day battery for sure if you have made these changes on your Android mobile.

Before it was like you need to install these apps only on rooted mobiles to make them work properly but the developers are now providing these apps for working on non-rooted mobiles also.

So, not to worry if you are a non-rooted device user.

All you just need to grant some permissions that the app is asking you to make it work properly on your Android mobile.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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