Backup Images Safely In Android

Backup Images Android

Backup Images Android. This is the simple trick by using which you can backup images in android.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to backup personal images, family photos from your Android mobile safely.

Follow these steps step by step to backup images Android:

Open the Play Store that is available on your Android mobile.

Do a search for the ” Picasa tool ” app and install the app from the play store on your mobile.

Open the app after installing and grant the permissions whatever it may be asking you otherwise the app will not work properly.

You need a Gmail account to login into the app before uploading or taking a backup of photos using the app.

Make sure you grant the permission of accessing the mobile gallery so that it can import all the photos and videos to the app.

All you need to do is select the photos and videos that would like to backup in a bulk.

Click on the upload button you see at the bottom right corner of your mobile screen.

Make sure you are connected to a high-speed internet connection so that you can upload photos and videos very fastly.

You can make the setting as selecting the quality of the photos has HD or normal quality before uploading the photos because once you upload the photos and delete the original ones then you will not get the original photos back again.

So select the photo quality within the settings of the app.

The best part of this app is once you have done uploading photos to your email account.

You can now uninstall the app or reset your Android mobile doesn’t matter.

Your photos will be safely stored on your Google Drive.

All you need to do is visit the Picasa Web site using your computer or install the Picasa app on your mobile and log in using the same Gmail ID so that you can get to see the photos that you have stored online.

Backup photos to cloud storage:

These services provided for completely free so that if you are running out of storage then you can create as many email ids as you can and upload all the photos and videos to your Google Drive.

All you need is a speedy Internet connection to upload and access the photos online.

There are several best cloud storage alternatives available online just like MediaFire, zippy share, Megaupload, etc.

These websites can provide you the same feature of storing files safely over online for free.

If you are further interested in their service and you need a lot of storage then you can purchase a premium membership of any cloud storage account.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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