Auto Shutdown Windows 10

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Auto shutdown Windows 10. We covered how you can automatically shutdown your PC or laptop that is running the Windows operating system in this post.

Yes, you can now automatically shutdown PC | Laptop | Computer by setting a specific date and time.

Auto shutdown Windows 10

Are You Copying large files? or scanning the complete data available on your computer hard drive?.

Well, the estimated time will be showing in hours right ?.

Leaving the system in an idle position is not at all good because it will affect your laptop battery.

If you don’t have a UPS for your desktop then your system will be shutting down in the middle of the scanning process.

The system will crash the operating system if you do not shut down your laptop or computer properly.

All the work that is running will be crashed and the temporary files will be lost without saving.

So you cannot get those files back again if you do not shut down your laptop or computer properly.

You can’t even multitask while copying or scanning your system because it really slows down the entire process.

You cannot sit in front of the computer for hours doing nothing right? or you cannot leave the computer without shutting it down.

So here is the better option for you, schedule an automatic shutdown and leave the computer as it is.

After complete work, your system will shut down at the specified time.

This software is very helpful for those people who download a lot of content online.

You don’t need to sit in front of the computer until the downloads finish.

Just check the estimated download time and schedule an automatic shutdown using the software.

Shutdown Windows Software

Do a search for the ” wise auto shutdown software ” on Google.

This software is provided as a free trial and you can also buy it online if interested.

This software provider also provides you the best PC cleaning tool, registry cleaner, disk cleaner, etc.


You can also download them and try for free on your computer.

Download the software which is less than 2 MB in size.


Install it on your computer and open the software.

You can now select the options just like shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, power off and sleep.


Choose the specific date and time that you want to shut down your computer.

You can perform this action daily as well.

Once done with the setting, click on the start task button.

You can check the option ” please remind me 5 minutes before the task is executed “.

The reminder will pop up according to the time you set and the task will be executed after 5 minutes of reminder.

Overall, this is how you can auto shutdown Windows 10 laptop or PC daily at a specific time.

Note: Do not close the software completely. Make sure you minimize the software after scheduling the shutdown time and let it run in the background so that the system will shut down at a specific time.

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