Android Battery Saving Tips

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Android battery saving tips. These are some of the android battery saving tips using which you can increase your android mobile battery backup.

We will guide you on how to improve the performance of your Android mobile without consuming battery using some tips and tricks.

Android battery saving tips

First of all, don’t keep any live animated wallpapers or live widgets on your Android.

These widgets will slow down the performance as well as consume your mobile battery.

The second thing which consumes most of your battery is the display. So, it’s better you use a dark wallpaper on your android.

Dark wallpapers consume less battery when compare to the wallpapers which have more colors.

Brightness is also a thing which consumes a lot of battery.

So go to the settings, display section and turn off the auto-brightness option because this will be running always on your mobile which consumes the battery.


If you ever feel like the brightness is very low then you can manually adjust the brightness of the mobile but don’t turn on the Automatic brightness option.

Change sleep activity of your mobile to minimal so that whenever you are not using your mobile it automatically turns off within 15 seconds and saves the battery.


Turn on the battery saver that you got as a default option in your Android while going to sleep and turn it off back again when you wake up in the morning. This will save a lot of battery.


The best part of battery saver is you can schedule it. Schedule your battery saver at your sleep timings.

Go to the about section of Android mobile and tap the build number seven times to become a developer.


If you are using MI mobile then tap on the MIUI version seven times to activate developer options on your android.

Developer Settings In Android

Go to the additional settings, developer options, and reduce these three values ” Window animation scale “, ” Transition animation scale “, ” animator duration scale “.


If you reduce these three values then you will see an improvement in the performance of your Android which will also increase the battery backup of your mobile.


You can also turn off the animation but it won’t look good on your mobile so it’s better to reduce the animation scale from 1x to 0.5x.

If you ever strike your battery less than 20% then click on the ” simulate color space ” option in the developer options.


After that, choose the monochromacy which will convert your colorful mobile display into black and white color.

Black and white color won’t consume your battery much so you will get few more hours of battery backup.

Remove background activities in Android

Follow this process only when your battery strikes less than 10%.

Do enable the feature ” don’t keep activities ” provided in the developer options.


By making this change the mobile will kill the background running tasks which will increase battery backup for a few more hours.

You can use the cleaner to clear cache and unnecessary junk files on your Android.


As you can see 280 MB of cache files are available on my android mobile.

Use the default cleaner on your android but don’t install any third-party cleaner app from the Play Store because these apps will be running always in the background.

Background running apps will definitely affect the performance of your mobile as well as the battery backup.

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