Adjust Laptop Brightness | Reduce Eye Strain & Improve Sleep Quality

Do you use a laptop, mobile, and other electronic gadgets daily ????. Don’t know how to adjust laptop brightness at a low level ???.

Are you suffering from eye strain ??. Facing health issues due to lack of quality sleep ?.

If Yes, then this post will definitely help you to reduce eye strain.

You can now effortlessly improve sleep quality within a week if you follow the below process.

Process To Adjust Laptop Brightness :

This post will help you to set the perfect brightness level for both windows and Mac users within seconds.

Make sure you use the genuine windows 10 operating system on your computer to get the maximum benefits of it.

Of course, Windows is providing a free operating system i.e Windows 10.

You can download the Windows ISO file from there official website.

However, if you don’t have a DVD drive then you can also install the Windows operating system using a Pendrive for free.

Process To Adjust Laptop Brightness For Windows Users :

Go to control panel > hardware and sound, click power options, then adjust the brightness of your display.

Process To Adjust Laptop Brightness For Macbook Users :

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Displays, then click Display. Drag the Brightness slider to adjust the brightness of your display.

Note: We are not done yet. There are some more steps to follow to make your laptop display more perfect to look at.

Process To Setup Dark Mode Chrome Extension :

Today I will be showing you how to enable dark mode for every website that you visit by using a trick.

This trick works for both Windows and Macbook users.

If you don’t have a chrome browser by default, install it on your computer.

You can download the chrome browser from online within minutes depending on your internet speed.

Just open the chrome browser and visit the web store.


Do a search for dark reader extension in the search bar of the web store.


This is the best dark mode chrome extension to reduce eye strain.

Click on the add to the chrome button and then click the Add extension button to install this extension.


Here is the extension and you can turn it on and off anytime you want.


This is how the Wikipedia website looks in dark mode.


You can switch back to light mode anytime with just one click.

You can also change brightness, contrast and other settings using this extension.

Use a dark theme for daily browsing to improve sleep quality. Take care of your eyes and reduce eye strain.

Best Software To Improve Sleep Quality For Windows Users :

This software will not only adjust the laptop brightness level to minimal. It will also make your life better.

If you’re staying up too late because of your computer then this is the must-have software on your computer.

Firstly, open the browser and do a search for ” flux ” in google. Secondly, visit the website and download it to your computer.

After that, install it and leave the settings to automatic as recommended. However, you can change the settings as you wish.

This software makes you sleep better and improves your overall health. However, you will see the results within a week for sure.

Check out some really cool stuff like the latest tips and tricks of computer, android by visiting the website homepage.

Watch above video for full procedure

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