How To Activate Fingerprint Lock On Any Android Mobile !

Activate Fingerprint Lock For Android

Activate Fingerprint Lock For Android. This is the simple trick to activate fingerprint lock for any android mobile.

In this post, we will be guiding you through how to activate fingerprint lock for android even though if your android mobile does not have any fingerprint scanner within the mobile.

This is the best method to do so follow the procedure below.

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Follow these steps step by step to activate fingerprint lock for android:

Open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Do a search for ” ice unlock fingerprint scanner ” app and install the app.

Accept the terms and conditions it is showing to you and click on the continue button.

Grant the permissions whatever it may be asking you and click on the enroll fingerprint button.

Provide the backup password. If in case your finger is not detected correctly then you can unlock your mobile using the password.

Confirm the password again and click on ok.

Read the instructions carefully regarding how to use the app as a fingerprint scanner and click on continue to enroll.

Select the hand and the finger. Place it below the camera so that it will be capturing your fingerprints correctly.

It takes photos up to 7 times just keep your patience a little high and provide the fingerprint.

After that, it will be showing you the complete fingerprint of the finger.

Click on use this fingerprint if you are satisfied otherwise you can click on start again option to retake the photos of your finger.

Now the fingerprint is applied but to make it work perfectly you have to apply an ice unlock fingerprint scanner as a default launcher on your mobile.

Click the home button on your mobile. Select the ice to unlock fingerprint scanner launcher and tick mark the remember my choice option.

Another method: Go to settings of mobile and in the launcher section, select the default launcher as ice unlock launcher.

Now every time you try to unlock your mobile it will be asking you the fingerprint.

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Activate fingerprint lock for any android mobile:

Nowadays every mobile is coming up with fingerprint lock but what to do with all the old android mobile we have right ?.

So this is the solution for applying fingerprint lock for the old android mobile phones.

It is completely free and works accurately all you need is some little patience while providing the information to the app that’s it once done then you can also unlock your old android mobile with a fingerprint lock.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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