3D Wallpapers For Mobile

3D Wallpapers For Mobile

Want to try some new wallpapers for your android mobile ??.

You can now change the complete look and feel of your android mobile by just changing the wallpaper.

Surprise your friends with this 3D wallpapers.

These wallpapers will start moving on your mobile device according to your hand movement.

Here is how you can apply 3D effects to your android mobile for free!. In addition, here is how you can also enable 3D in your android mobile for free just like an iPhone.

3D Wallpapers For Mobile :

Today I will be showing you how to get the best 3d wallpapers for your mobile.

The specialty of these wallpapers is they will move according to your movement.

Firstly, open the play store and do a search for 3d wallpaper parallax 2018 app and install the application.

After opening the app you will get to see all the premium wallpapers in the premium section.

3D Wallpapers App For Android :

This app will also release from premium wallpapers randomly at a particular time daily.

So, you can see the countdown timer, set the alarm and open the app at the right time to download some cool premium 3D wallpapers for your android mobile.

Don’t worry, there are free 3d wallpapers as well in the home section.

From here you can select and download any wallpaper that you like.

After that, download to preview it and set it as a wallpaper for your mobile.

You can explore different types of wallpapers in the explore section.

In other words, this app has a wide range of categories.

You can also check for 3D wallpapers of superheroes if you are a fan of marvel series.

And you can see all your downloaded 3d wallpapers in the mine section.

However, you can download and save as many wallpapers as you want and all of them will be saved to your mobile gallery.

Here is how you can enable 3D gallery in your android mobile for free !.

So this is how you can apply a 3d wallpaper on your mobile and make your screen look more attractive.

Above all, this is one of the best 3D wallpapers app for your android mobile.

In addition, here is how you can also create your own name as 3D wallpaper in your android mobile for free !.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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